We are committed to providing our clients with a quality service in an efficient, effective and timely manner
on legal issues which concern both England and Wales and Italy.



Corporate and Commercial Law

We have experience in advising private clients and businesses on their corporate and commercial law requirements and we are focussed on providing practical and pragmatic assistance.

Businesses set ups and start ups

The team will guide you through the necessary steps, provide added-value advice and in short will ensure that the launch process for entrepreneurs is seamless and successful.

Intellectual Property

We can help clients create copyrights (e.g. in relation to software, audio, visual or literary materials or databases) and register trademarks, patents and design rights.

Property (residential and commercial property)

We are experienced in advising in matters related to property law both in England and Wales and in Italy.

Estate Planning

Guided by the firm’s underlying family values of trust and loyalty, we pride ourselves on being considerate, supportive and discreet in providing full guidance and assistance to clients and managing trusts and estates.

Inheritance and Probate matters

SLIG LAW has a team of lawyers specialised in dealing with International Succession Law, Trusts, Probate and Estate Planning.

Cross-border Successions

We have experience in handling complex matters involving assets and beneficiaries located in multiple jurisdictions, thus we are able to provide legal advice in the most complicated of cases.

General advice on Italian Law

We are proud to be experienced in assisting international clients from all over the world on a wide range of legal issues, in particular in navigating the Italian legal system and providing practical and business savvy advice.


From my experience SLIG LAW is run by professionally skilled individuals that at the same time are able to show understanding and be friendly.
It is always a pleasure to work with the Firm and I consider myself satisfied to such extend that I will not resort to another firm for any kind of legal assistance.
Adriana P.