Founded on family values, SLIG LAW seeks to display loyalty, diligence, and to instill trust in its clients and the community.

Social Responsibility

Encouragement of Anglo-Italian relations

SLIG LAW actively works to promote and facilitate trade between the UK and Italy by advising on cross-border business to clients including start-ups.


In cooperation with SLIG Education, the firm provides educational events aimed at professionals seeking to pursue trade between Italy and the UK. SLIG LAW is committed to supporting and providing knowledge to others.

Its activities in this area have been recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales – International Division.

Representation of Italians in the UK

SLIG LAW’s partners are involved in the representation of Italians in the UK via COMITES, the committee for Italians Residing Abroad. Alessandro Gaglione is the Secretary General of COMITES.

Pro Bono Services

SLIG LAW recognises the unique position it is in to assist the Anglo-Italian community at large. As such, the firm is actively engaged in providing pro bono assistance to London-based Italians on a regular basis, in association with the Saint Peter Italian Church of London.


As an International firm, SLIG LAW strongly believes in and actively promotes the values of an inclusive, cooperative and international culture.

Environmental Responsibility

SLIG LAW is conscious of and committed to the environmental impact and sustainability of its offices.