“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” — Plato



Our lawyers are experienced in advising on setting up new businesses. The team will guide you through the necessary steps, provide added-value advice and in short will ensure that the launch process for entrepreneurs is seamless and successful.
Our team has specific experience in providing assistance with:

  • Entity selection and incorporation
  • Business contracts
  • General counselling
  • Dispute resolution
  • Day to day legal advice

For a start-up business, our firm will be happy to act as external general counsel. Our expertise in this field enables us to develop a strong and valuable relationship with the start-up’s own legal department. Our philosophy is that it pays to be prudent, be properly aware of all the requirements and regulatory needs so that the business is ultimately well-managed and compliant. This is worth the effort in order to mitigate the risk of litigation or other dispute resolution at a later stage. While this philosophy is applicable to larger businesses, we are fully aware that it becomes imperative for small businesses, given their limited resources that cannot be wasted.

From a lawyer’s perspective, assisting a business and pushing it to become competitive on the market is both personally and professionally satisfying. We take particular pride in helping entrepreneurs succeed because as a family-founded boutique law firm, we recognise how important every opportunity is to help hard-working and determined entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We understand the vital role that this kind of assistance, guidance and encouragement is to entrepreneurs.